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We are not the worse of us.
We are the best of us.

Amid the rancor and fear, the bitterness and contempt, the unleashed anger and ginned-up anxieties, the harassment, the hate speech, the disrespect, the deplorable choices and dishonorable actions, the violence, the amorality, I want — I need — to remind you, to remind me, there is goodness and generosity in us. There is compassion and good will. There is understanding and empathy. There is kindness.

For the past two and a half years, I have been facilitating a writing group in prison. The writers are all serving life sentences. They all did terrible things. In writing about their lives, their experiences, what they have learned, how they have changed, what they hope for, they tell me, almost with one voice: I do not want to be known only for the worst thing I ever did.

And that’s how I feel about my country right now. I do not want us to be known only for this hate-filled moment, for this resurgence of bigotry, for this mockery of values, for this worst thing.

I want us — you and me, our communities, the millions of our compatriots — to be known for our best instincts and our best intentions, for the everyday lives of inclusion and kindness we live, the rich, diverse, multicultural communities we foster and inhabit, for what we teach our children, for those actions that speak louder than words: the shelters and clinics and food banks we support, the legislation we fight for, the way we stand up for who we are, the rights and reforms we dedicate ourselves to, the deep and enduring connections we forge with each other, with The Other.

The most well meaning of us have done wrong. We have said yes when we should have said no. We have said no when we should have said yes. We have remained silent when we should have spoken. We have self-medicated rather than face our own shit. And worse. There are those who do not mean well at all, and the damage they have inflicted and continue to inflict to individuals, to families, to communities, to our country is so scary, so painful, so disheartening that it is easy to give up hope. But we are not the worst of us. We are the best of us. This is what I am giving thanks for on Thanksgiving 2018.


1 Val Stilwell { 11.22.17 at 7:30 pm }

Lauren, If there is anyone who can capture the essence if intention in words, it is you. I believe most people have good intentions, some are otherwise, yet we as people have an innate sense of goodness. With such confusion today, it is no wonder that we are divided, yet underneath it all are on the same path to love, joy, light, and more. Some ride bicycles, some drive cars, and others walk yet we head in the same direction. The lights we shine on that which needs it more than ever, means that we must be willing to see that which has become illuminated. That is the healing for which many like me, are grateful. Thank you for your work, sharing your talent, and being the person you are – a breathing treasure.

2 Lauren { 11.22.17 at 11:07 pm }

Sometimes a challenge to remember this, but yesyesyes.

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